Pushchair Accesories so far


So my son Cameron Jack is just two months, but I absolutely love shopping for him. I got some accessories finally! I bought this Cath Kidston, changing bag with changing mat and bottle holder included. I used it for the first time the other day and it looked so stylish and chic! I wouldn’t usually splash out so much on such a small thing but I got a gift voucher to spend at John Lewis so I bought this!



So I also ordered this sheepskin liner from mothercare which is pretty much universal for any 5 point harness pushchair! It was such a bargain compared to the one I saw on John Lewis’s site only £50! I haven’t received it yet but I look forward to using it because it keeps babies warm in the winter and cool in the summer which is pretty perfect! 


I’m thinking of getting this sun canopy for Cameron to go with his Bugaboo Bee, It will be nice for the summer but entirely sure if I will get it! The hood is fully extendable and it’s really quite piratical for our sometimish English weather! What do you think I should do?   

So I want to talk about pushchair, for my first son Sebastian Lake, my partner and I purchased a blue oyster max pushchair (top left). We loved it and Bash looked super cute inside, he had it from birth up until 28 months then we got him a cheap sturdy stroller from mothercare. I recently had a second son Cameron Jack, this time around I decided to get a bugaboo bee all black frame. I absolutely love it, but I wish some of the pros about the oyster were with bugaboo or that there was a hybrid between because that would be an awesome combo! I’m thinking of purchasing some accessories which I will show you and review. I will go into depth into my review of each of my pushchair later on.

More about Bijou and Boys

I met my husband Dylan when I was 22, he was 24. I never had a serious relationship before I consider Dylan my first boyfriend. We met through a mutual friend and I fell head over heels in love with him and only after a year and a bit of dating I found out I was pregnant. I was super scared because I was 23 and I wasn’t sure I was ready to be a mum. I had a really turbulent pregnancy I was always sick and tired so when my I finally welcomed my son Sebastian Lake on June 23rd I was super happy! When Bash was first born we lived with Dylan’s parents in a 3 bed house in Hemel Hempstead, it was nice and all I had a big helping hand from Dylan’s mum but it became overbearing and very squashed, so when River turned 1 we began to look for our own place, we chose the very urbanLambeth North in London about as far away from Hemel Hempstead as you can get! We got a 2 bed flat which is quite average sized, ideally I would like a house but with our wages we cannot afford it. However our home in Lambeth has come to be my safe haven! We decorated it ourself, we only had constructions workers in for our kitchen and bathroom. It’s homely but also really lovely! So pretty much after we moved in Dylan proposed and we were married the next year, we had an extremely small wedding with about 20 guests. When Bash was about 25 months I decided to go back work where worked as a receptionist, so I had to make a big decision of sending Bash into daycare, it was a very uneasy time for me but after what felt like search through hundreds of daycares we found a perfect one which was well suited to both mine and Dylan’s work schedule. Bash stayed there for a year before we found him a nursery which he is still attending at present! Bash will be starting primary school this September I’m very nervous! But last year I found out was expecting again! I was totally sure I was having a girl but turns out another prince! I’m currently on maternity leave, but I’m hoping to find a new job better suited to my business degree I have! But right now I’m a mummy, so career is on a short pause. But anyway this year on January 3rd I welcomed my second son Cameron Jack whose just the sweetest thing! I’m still getting used to having a newborn but he’s adorable and super quiet. Sebastian absolutely loves him, and loves telling everyone he’s a big brother! But anyways that is my story up until now!


Hi I’m made mummy welcome to my blog!

Hi my name is Bijou, I’m mother of two fabulous boys Sebastian Lake aka Bash and Cameron Jack I’m 28 years old and married to my super supportive other half Dylan. Bash is 4 and will be turning 5 on June 23rd, and Cam is 2 months old so he’s just a little baby still, born 3rd of January! I’m very busy but I love to write about my experience as a young mum, I think I’m sort of considered a young mum lol. This blog will be like a diary and including things I do with the kids. Love Bijou XOX